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Google Chrome ads on YouTube?

Adverts for Google’s web browser, Chrome, are surfacing on YouTube – the popular video-sharing service.

The adverts seen so far are appearing at the bottom of some videos, in the form of banners.


That fact that Google is using YouTube to advertise shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Google does own YouTube.

What is really surprising is that they’re advertising something that isn’t yet out of beta mode – it hasn’t even reached version 1.0 yet! However, Google is known keep its products in perpetual beta mode.

Confidence by Google

One thing’s for sure. Using YouTube to advertise its new browser is a sign of confidence in its own product. Google seem to be placing huge faith in their web browser to deliver a better browsing experience.

Reaching out to average users

YouTube is a primary place to distribute ads, since it has enormous reach; and is typically visited by all sorts of users – including average, non tech-savvy users who typically stick to Internet Explorer.

Good for the industry

It has to be said, this can only be a good thing for the industry of web development. Google Chrome is highly regarded in terms of standards compliance and online security. Migrating users from the potentially more vulnerable Internet Explorer is always a good thing.

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