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iPod Touch 2.0 Upgrade: Worth it?

In July 2008, Apple released the software version 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For first-generation iPod Touch users (like myself – the one without the loudspeaker), this upgrade is available at a cost of $10.

Hell yes

The simple answer is that yes, it’s definitely worth the cost. But before you go, here’s a quick look at what the 2.0 upgrade brings to the table.

All the iPhone software (like Mail, Maps, Notes, Stocks, and Weather)

This isn't a big deal to people who already bought these in the January software update (for $20, mind you). But for everyone else, this goes a long way towards bringing the Touch up to speed with the iPhone.

Updates to all apps

The update also brings to the table extra features and improvements to all the apps. Improvements include: support for Microsoft Exchange, searchable contacts, a scientific calculator, better email controls, and more supported email attachment formats.

App Store

In the biggest change of all , this little icon is a portal to a whole world of fun, useful, crazy applications for you to discover.


The applications that you get by default, as well as the thousands of apps available mean that you can now really transform the iPod into a do-it-all device (except phone, that is). For me, it completely changes the original rating I gave it.

Final Ratings
Before 2.0 software upgrade: 9.5/10
After 2.0 software upgrade: 10/10

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Anonymous said...

Aw sim nice blog! Isma how did u manage to buy the upgrade? Coz I want an app from the app store and I'd like to buy it but as you know Maltese credit cards are not accepted. I was thinking of getting a gift card and redeeming it. X tahseb?

Simon SC said...

Hey Luke! Well I've never done it myself, but many many people have. Just buy a gift card and redeem it - looks like the best way. Here's a link to Apple's selection.

iPod Touch for Sale said...

I dont think this upgrade was really worth it all things considered

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