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Design Showcase:

It’s not often that I showcase another site around here. It has to be really special, really unique, and really different. Website design company checks all the boxes.

The site is beautifully arranged over a city scape, with a giant scrolling background sky. The content is in the “sky”. Different content is laid out on different portions of the sky. The intro page is against an early morning sky, the about page is set against sunrise, and so on.

The site utilises smooth automatic scrolling and has no page loading – since it’s all technically on the same page. It looks great in action. Here are some screen shots:

Check out their site at

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Get the Windows 7 Calculator in Vista

Before Windows 7, the Windows Calculator was an overlooked area of Windows. Used by so many people on a daily basis for minor arithmetic tasks, yet appreciated by so few people.

From the looks of it, Microsoft seems to have done a sterling job on their latest Operating System. All the previously-overlooked utilities, including: Wordpad, Calculator, and even Paint, have been completely redone for the new version of Windows.

Daily Gyan has posted a port of the Windows 7 calculator for Windows Vista. It works perfectly.

To replace the default Vista calculator with this one, replace the 2 files in the following two directories:


Replace the default System Calculator

It’s not particularly easy to replace system files on Windows. I’ve created a little script that will do this automatically. Follow the steps below.

  • Download the 2 files you need: calc.exe and calc.exe.mui (found under the en-US folder in the download above).
  • Place the 2 files in the same folder e.g. your desktop
  • Download the script, and place it in the same folder as the 2 files (e.g. your desktop).
  • Boot into safe mode, and double click the script.
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