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How good is your Colour Knowledge?

Colour specialists x-rite have created a fun little test to assess how good you are at colour hues. You are given four rows with little colour boxes on them. You need to re-arrange the boxes to get a consistent flow from one hue to another. It’s easier to see this than it is to explain it, so go ahead and take the test.

The test then asks you for your age group and gender so it can compare you score to similar demographic groups. The score is a simple scale from 0 to 1000. Getting a zero means a perfect score, and anything between 0-99 is classified as good (high colour IQ). I got a 4, so I’m pretty chuffed at the good result!

(P.S. It’s filed under photography because I think it’s a good idea that a photographer has a good, working colour knowledge)

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