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Use Keyboard Shortcuts to be more Efficient in Firefox

Browsing the web, especially on a laptop, is frequently bogged down by inefficient practices.

Besides often having a patchy Wi-Fi connection, you don’t want your browsing experience to be slowed down by the inefficiency of a laptop’s trackpad.

Use a keyboard as much as possible.

Here are some quick keyboard shortcuts to make using Firefox on a laptop faster (at least on Windows).

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl+T opens a new tab
    Shift+Ctrl+T re-opens a closed tab
  • Ctrl+F4 or Ctrl+W closes a tab
  • Ctrl+Tab switches to the next tab
    Shift+Ctrl+Tab switches to the previous tab
  • F5 or Ctrl+R reloads a page
    Ctrl+F5 refreshes the cache and reloads
  • F6 or Ctrl+L highlights the location bar
    Ctrl+K highlights the searchbar

And 3 mouse & keyboard tricks:

  • Ctrl+Click opens the link in a new tab
  • Shift+Click opens the link in a new window
  • Alt+Click downloads the link to your desktop

After you learn these, you can learn how to make your laptop’s touchpad work better in Firefox.

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