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How to Enable Emoji Icons, for free, and without Jailbreaking your iPhone

The Emoji icons are a cute, Japanese-style set of emoticons. This will help you enable them on your iPhone, but they will also work on the iPod Touch.

All iPhones and iPod Touches are perfectly capable of displaying them, but iPhones outside of Japan are not able to access this feature by default.

To display them, you normally had to either: buy a $0.99 app, or go through the tedious process of jailbreaking.

1. Download Spell Number from App Store

This is a free application available from the App Store. You might as well download it straight to your device.

It’s creator, Water Lou, makes no attempt to hide the fact that his application is capable of enabling Emoji icon use in all other apps.

2. Enter the number 9876543.21

The purpose of the app is indeed to spell out numbers for use in checks, etc. So go ahead and enter the number Nine Million Eight Hundred Seventy-six Thousand Five Hundred Forty-three dollars and Twenty-one Cents, i.e. 9876543.21

3. Enable Emoji from Settings and you’re done

You can now exit the app. Go to Settings, General, go down to Keyboard, International Keyboards, and finally select Japanese from the long list. Inside the Japanese sub-menu you can enable the Emoji set of icons.

You’re now ready to go. The icons will work in any place that your normal keyboard does, just click the new globe icon on the keyboard to switch between Emoji and your normal keyboard.


They work in Notes, Mail, and basically everywhere, even SMS.

But watch out, because they can only be read by iPhones and iPod Touches. Other phones cannot read them, and not even a mail application on a computer can read them – even though the Mail app can handle them just fine. [Apple iPhone Apps]

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