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iTweet: Twitter on steroids

iTweet iTweet is a web-based client for the popular micro-blogging service Twitter. The service was built by avid Twitter user colbypalmer. So what makes iTweet so special compared to the dozens of Twitter clients already out there?

Well, for one thing, it's web based - meaning all you need to run it is a tab in a browser. Despite the default Twitter client also being web-based, iTweet one-ups it in many ways. It has super-useful features built in, such as: url-shortening via, native and automated re-tweeting, auto-refresh, main-page searching, unicode symbol support, and support for hashtags, and much more.

It copies the basic layout of the main Twitter site, but with obvious provisions for the added features. The site has a utilitarian look that definitely has its draw (you can change it to your default Twitter colours).

itweet screenshot

The interface is heavy in its API usage and you can run down to your limit of 100 requests per hour really quickly. However the client has options to cater for this.

All in all, iTweet is a comprehensive Twitter client that can fully replace the default web interface.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! is a pet project that I tinker with on the weekends, and it's really great to get such a positive response. It encourages me to keep adding new features!

I'm currently breaking ground on iTweet 3 which will include support for multiple accounts, groups and lots more... stay tuned!

Colby Palmer
Developer of

Simon SC said...


Thanks for commenting! Nothing adds more to a post than a comment by the developer. Well, for a pet project it's awfully accomplished and well-made! You've mentioned some great features there, but I think that the groups feature that you mention needs to be included in Twitter itself.

Matthew Mizzi said...

Thanks for pointing out, I started using it and it's great!

Also, do you know of any search engines for twitter users searching bio and location?

Simon SC said...


I'm not sure exactly what you need? Maybe a mix of Google Twitter search and Twitter's own search engine?

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