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Opera Mini 4 (featured freeware)

While the default web browsers on most mobile phones are getting better, they still don’t compare to the best alternatives.

Opera Mini is just such an alternative.

It’s much faster than the default browser on most phones, and doesn’t take up a load of space. It renders just like you’d expect, too.

How is it faster?

Because it uses compression. Opera’s servers will receive your request for data and compress everything down to byte-sized pages, then send it over to you.

Not only do pages load up much faster, but you also save on data costs (up to 80%).

Features Designed for Mobile

You can just tell that the Opera Mini team had usability and power in mind when designing the app.

  • Zoom in/out with just a tap of the 5 key.
  • Desktop-class rendering.
  • Speed-dial of bookmarks.
  • Auto-completion of websites you’ve already been to, plus one-click additions of “.com”, “.net”, etc.
  • Adding of custom search shortcuts (e.g. search).
  • Speed scrolling support, press 2, 4, 6, 8 to scroll through pages very quickly.

My only complaint is that it has no Flash support as of yet – but most Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices (Nokia E71 notably left out) can download Opera Mobile instead.


If you’re using a Java-enabled device, do yourself a favour a try out Opera Mini. It works on Blackberry, too.

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