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2 Reasons Why Reading Tech Blogs Makes you a Better Citizen

After spending years reading tech blogs - like Gizmodo, Engadget, and TechCrunch, I’ve come to the conclusion that: reading tech blogs makes you a better citizen.

Here’s 2 reasons why:

You do your bit for Environment

Being a tech-reader,  you’re always updated with the latest gadgets, trends, memes, etcetera. You also get a nice, healthy dosage of eco-friendly stuff. From human-laptop chargers, electric bikes, electric car reviews, and so forth.

In addition, many of the tech blogs promote DIY projects and recycling (or re-purposing) of old hardware. It’s all good for tree huggers.

You do your bit for the Economy

Having said all that, you’re also likely to do your bit for the economy. Tech-readers are also likely to be gadget-lovers, always wanting the latest and greatest toys to play with – many of which are not cheap.

2008’s Black Friday was covered in more detail than any Black Friday I can remember. The tech blogs spent weeks posting about special Black Friday deals to entice readers to spend their money – and give the economy a boost.

With the Great Economic Crisis (TM) of 2008, it was encouraging to see so many people still flocking to the stores at dawn on Black Friday. This was no doubt (in part) due to the extensive coverage retailers enjoyed from tech blogs.

So there you have it, two convincing reasons why we should all continue reading our tech blogs — carry on.

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