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In an effort to make the content even more relevant, this post will serve as a suggestion box. Simply leave a comment on this very post. Every suggestion will be responded to in kind.

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Note: The Suggestion Box is now playing host to the ThemeForest competition.

To participate, read the submission rules and submit your best suggestions in this post’s comment form.

Be sure to quote the following somewhere in your suggestion: “Entry for ThemeForest competition: Best Suggestion

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Brandon said...

Entry for ThemeForest competition: Best Suggestion

My design suggestion would be to consolidate the tags on the right column. It takes up a lot of room to give each one its own line, and stretches the page out. Maybe a tag cloud would be more efficient?

Thanks and best wishes.
Brandon (twitter: bbautista)

Simon SC said...

Brandon - thanks for the suggestion and for entering the competition. You're right about the tags. I've styled them a little to take up significantly less space. I put them all next to each other, flowing in a line, and reduced the line spacing, as well as made the text itself smaller.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks again for the suggestion.

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