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New look

Astute Photo has been given a facelift!

While I liked the serif fonts and the contemporary, reserved colours, I felt that it was the right time to make a change. The main text always felt a little cramped and with this new look it has room to breathe.

List of major changes

  • New look and colours
  • Centred layout with blue background either side
  • Blog search feature
  • Moved entire sidebar to the right
  • Ways to subscribe to the blog on the right
  • Labels list right under subscription options on the right
  • RSS feed is now driven by FeedBurner
  • Changed bullet lists. We now have 3 types of bullets (including these ticks on the side). More space in between list items now too
  • Created a cute little favicon to replace the default blogger one. This is what it looks like: favicon. You should also see it if you look at the web address listed in your web browser. (What's a favicon?)
  • A host of other smaller improvements to improve readability

So there you have it. In the process of changing to this fancy new, modern look the blog lost quite a bit of horizontal space. This basically means that wide images will look a little too wide. Still, I've got a good 500 pixels to work with.

Old layout

click to zoom

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Sarah said...

FYI - I was using a custom template, and was hit too. (I found you in the discussion board). Just so you know, my blog is back up and running with the custom template. I guess I'll have to see how long it lasts :)

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