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Sony N1 Review: (Part 4 of 6)

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A detailed real-world review of the Sony N1 compact digital camera.

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I placed the plastic model against a white background. I wanted to see its level of detail capture. Lighting was artificial. Auto WB made a mess of it, so what you're seeing is a colour-corrected version.

The macro shot is very detailed, and contrast is excellent. Highlights are pretty well controlled for a compact - look at the paperclips. The image quality is worst at the edge of the frame. Look at the paper clips (purple fringing & corner softness).


A simple test to see if the N1 would distort straight lines. At 38mm it produces around 4.5% barrel distortions. That's a lot. On the other end of the zoom range, there isn't really any distortion to worry about.

Colour (subjective)

The colour output from the Sony N1 was quite pleasing. Images are bright, contrasty and saturated. The default saturation level clips channels so I'd turn it down a notch.

White Balance

The Sony N1 has a total of 6 white balance presets. Automatic White Balance proved to be fairly reliable in good light, it had a warm tone in daylight. Indoors it's a different story. I badly missed a custom white balance option. The output was very warm and had an orange cast.

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