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Google Chrome gets an Update

Google Chrome, the newest web browser on the block has just received its first update.

There aren’t any technical details to be found about what the update brings. However on first impression it seems to be a bit more responsive. It’s also fixed the ‘:%’ crash which plagued the first public release.

If you entered colon sign followed by a percentage sign into the address bar, then Chrome used to instantly crash. Even hovering over a link containing the infamous ‘:%’ would cause it to crash. Thankfully the new build (Build 1798) fixes this issue.

There is still no fix, however, for the annoying trackpad-scroller problem. Basically, you can scroll down just fine, however it’s impossible to scroll up using the same method. This problem only exists on laptop trackpads – it works perfectly fine with a regular USB or PS/2 mouse.

How to Update Chrome

  1. Click the wrench icon (top right corner)
  2. Go to About Google Chrome.
  3. If your version is outdated, you should have an Update Now button next to the OK button. Click that to initiate the update.

No word on the Google Chrome blog yet about this update.

Note: An in-depth review of Google Chrome is coming up. I’m giving it a bit of time to sort out the kinks, growing pains, and fix a couple of known issues.

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