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9 beautiful Sony Ericsson themes

Sony EricssonGo to mobile phones are very extensible devices, they can be extended by Java applications, and they can also be skinned – ensuring that no two SE phones have to be the same ever again.

Naturally, SE phones have a vibrant creative community, and so there’s plenty of free themes to choose from. Ever since I got my K610iK610i homepage, I’ve been looking high-and-low to find my favourite. Below are nine of my favourites in no particular order.

Editor’s Note - Note that the display resolutions on Sony Ericsson phones vary. This means that while (e.g.) themes designed for 240x320-pixel screens will still work on (e.g.) 176x220-pixel screens, they won’t be specifically designed for that screen. Proceed with caution.

Windows Live

Windows Live is a well-designed theme that aims to mimic the look and feel of desktop-based Live applications. It’s designed for 176x220-pixel screens, such as the K550 and K750.


A very nice collection of five themes in 5 different colour schemes. My favourite is the lime-green one. As with Windows Live above, it’s designed for 176x200-pixel screens.


A gorgeous glassy theme with lots of green. There’s a huge compatibility list, so you’re very likely to find a matching version.

Aero Glass

Another glass-inspired one. A very sharp theme with a dark flair. Rough in places but top work overall. Appears to be designed for 176x200-pixel phones (judging from screenshots - no details given).


This iPhone theme attempts to mimic the look and feel of the real device. I have to say it’s a very nice job. I love the little “X” on the small dialogs. It also includes the ringtones. Designed for QVGA (240x320-pixel) screens, such as the K800i. Big download, this one.


One of my highest-rated themes. A beautiful combination of a soft background and delicate colours. Lovely. Designed for 176x220-pixel screens.

The Green

Also available in red and blue. A very modern theme with loads of life and energy. Designed for QVGA (240x320-pixel) screens, but works well on a smaller screen.


Despite the strange name, this is a solid theme with nice shades of blue. Designed for 176x220-pixel phones.


A gorgeous theme with lots of neat touches and flourishes. Beautiful shades of brown. Designed for both QVGA, and 176x220-pixel phones.

Got your own favourite theme for your mobile? Did I leave out a great theme? Let me know in the comments!

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nice themes specially Windows live, Bolino and Chocolate.


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